From the the days when having a serious desire for computers and technologies was thought about a negative thing.  I never ever comprehended what those dudes inside my high school were undertaking, hunched over their particular old-school mac personal computers and talking about RAM.  It sounded like a different language therefore nerdy!  Quickly ahead a few years, and guys who will be thinking about techy, computer stuff have high demand and there is merely something about those alleged “nerds” that a lot of women cannot get enough of, such as my self!  Exactly what do we say, We have a weakness for a guy you never know their method around a tough drive and has their method with HTML.  Listed here are my leading five reasons to date a pc geek…and I should know, i am internet dating among my own!

1. He can fix every little thing.  That is specifically handy for girls like me who’ve a propensity to break circumstances a lot ???? .  But here is the thing, regardless of if the guy does not understand how to fix something-for example, your car or truck or laptop, he will google it until he is blue for the face.  He’ll pull-up lessons on Youtube, download complete pdfs, and get work done.  Some type of computer technical wouldn’t state “I am not sure ideas on how to do that…”, the guy constantly figures it out-and that kind of perseverance is quite damn hot.

2. He’s their fingers on heartbeat of society. We think about myself personally a very net experienced woman and an entire social media addict. Pc geeks go one step further though.  They understand what internet sites to visit when, for greatest and the majority of current info.  My date constantly g-chats me personally links through-out the day of breaking development stories that We haven’t actually been aware of, whether or not I’m closed into twitter/facebook/foursquare…which i was! I’ll never know how the guy does it, but we look forward to my personal gchats everyday.

3. They don’t require continual attention.  You understand how some dudes need non-stop compliments and attention?  Not pc geeks. They will have discovered to try out by themselves, which is fantastic when you need in order to get your own things done!   This option include happiest when it’s just  all of them, some music as well as their outside hard disk drives.  Hmm..that sounded some dirtier than I supposed!  You simply won’t must continuously host them-they won’t lack factors to explore using the internet.

4. You might never get lost.  A couple weeks before, my date required on a birthday visit to san francisco bay area.  We had no clue where to go to eat, to look, to understand more about and failed to perform much preparing in advance of time.  I found myself a little concerned that we’d lose out on some good places, although not after all!  The guy merely busted out their iphone, google maps, yelp, metropolitan spoon and navigated you round the city like he was my very own personal concert tour guide.  It actually was therefore fun, and that I felt thus dealt with.  If you should be probably repeat this though and exclusively count on handheld technology, be sure you seize your own cellphone charger on your way out the door.

5. You will always get considerably.  Before we started internet dating my personal boyfriend, I becamen’t the greatest follower of internet shopping.  It seemed a pain in the butt and much more costly once you factored in shipping and that I liked the moment gratification you will get from strolling into a shop and walking-out with something totally new.  My personal sweetheart launched me to the world of Ebay (yes, I’dn’t used Ebay before, cannot determine), doing a search online for coupon codes for discounts and free delivery, and confirmed me personally the beauty of reading reviews-now we read evaluations on anything before I purchase it, it is some new unusual addiction.  Certain, i would need certainly to wait a couple of days for all the post to-arrive but I’ve saved a whole lot cash since I started utilizing their small tips that I’ll most likely never get back to my outdated purchasing routines!

 Ever dated a personal computer technical?