One of the best ways to settle safe about Craigslist is always to ensure you meet within a public, greatly trafficked position. Never compel a unfamiliar person to your home or perhaps take them to a place exactly where they may not be supervised. If possible, make an effort to meet in a busy building. If you have some huge cash or are choosing expensive items, consider meeting within a bank or possibly a public place where the other person cannot observe you.

Following are buying or selling anything in Craigslist, it is advisable to use chilled cash. In case you are unsure about paying with money, you can exchange your money on the local cops station or perhaps Diamond Valley Federal Credit rating Union. For anyone who is not comfortable with handing above cash, you can purchase a fake detector pen at office supply retailers. They cost about $5 and can save you quite a lot of money. Additionally, it is best to prevent providing private information, such as card numbers, email-based addresses, and telephone figures, to strangers.

While on Craigslist, make sure you use an anonymous email bank account. Since you will be dealing with unknown people, you should avoid your proper name otherwise you email address. Instead, use a pseudonymous email bank account. Don’t use your house address or perhaps your email address; only your first term and contact number are used. This way, you can exchange your information without the other party being able to trace your identity.

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